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Effecten van windturbines op vleermuizen
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Wind turbines and bats

The effects of wind turbines on bats have previously only been studies in a few places in the Netherlands. The Dutch mammal society (de Zoogdiervereniging) and Bureau Waardenburg are planning to change this.

As in much of Europe, the construction of wind turbines and wind farms in taking place in the Netherlands. This is a positive development for renewable energy, but the effects on bats are largely unknown. Until now, little research has been carried out.

Improved predictions

General research is required to determine the landscape characteristics which increase the risk for bats. Research will be similar to that carried out in Germany and  will allow better predictions as to the potential effects on bats. Negative effects on bats can be limited by clever choices as to turbine locations and targeted mitigation measures. Knowledge should be able to inform spatial planning procedures and can contribute to unlocking the potential for wind energy on land.

In 2012, the Dutch mammal society (de Zoogdiervereniging) and Bureau Waardenburg conducted research across five wind farms. Searches were made for collision victims and automated bat detectors monitored the presence and species of bats at both hub and near ground height. The results of this research were published in spring 2013.

This research was funded partly by Agentschap NL and has been possible thanks to the support of Eneco en Nuon. The research has been described in the Dutch journal 'Zoogdier'.

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