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Fauna en infrastructuur
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Wildlife and infrastructure

Networks of roads, railways and canals divide habitats, meaning that many species are forced to live in smaller areas and have reduced possibilities for moving between habitats. This habitat fragmentation can be mitigated by special facilities for wildlife.

Conflicts between wildlife and traffic

With landscape analysis it is possible to identify the actual and potential spatial conflicts between wildlife and nature. For larger areas this is facilitated with GIS. This highlights which facilities are necessary for wildlife. Solutions are prioritised on the basis of the principal ecological structure (Ecologische Hoofdstructuur), the type of fragmentation (motorway, primary road, local road, railway or canal) and key species of concern.

In recommending measures we adopt a practical approach in which a clear understanding of the feasibility and expected success are key. We make use of our extensive practical knowledge, which includes devices used by more than 450 species.

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