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Watervogeltellingen in het IJsselmeer
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Waterbird counts in the IJsselmeer

The IJsselmeer is a Natura 2000 area that is of huge importance for wintering waterbirds. Key species include diving ducks such as scaup, tufted duck and pochard as well as goldeneye, goosander and great crested grebe.

We have surveyed waterbirds in the IJsselmeer for a range of projects. We have also mapped waterbird distributions in waterways around the IJsselmeer. Surveys are often carried out in combination with species-specific research. This was the case for the Veluwemeer and Wolderwijd, for which the specific locations of waterbird aggregations were mapped. The distribution of waterbirds in relation to food sources, such as underwater vegetation and zebra mussels, was analysed with the experience of our GIS department.  

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