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Watersysteem analyse
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Water system analysis

Analysis of water provides an insight into the water quality as well as the ecological status. This enables provides the basis information needed for improving the quality of the water. 


Before analysis water samples have to be collected. At Bureau Waardenburg, we have an experienced team who are able to sample the vegetation, fish, macrofauna, phytoplankton, phytobenthos and zooplankton.

Interpretation of field data

We possess the knowledge and skills needed to identify and interpret the species, physico-chemical and hydro-morphological variables essential for a sound assessment to be made. On this basis, we advise on measures for water management. If required we can conduct assessments based on the Ebeo-assessment (developed by the Dutch foundation for applied water research, STOWA), the Water Framework Directive. Furthermore, we can develop customised self-assessment schemes tailored to your needs.

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