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Biodiversiteit in stedelijk gebied

Urban Ecology

Our motivation for special attention for cities

Within a few years half of the world's population will live in urban areas. Urban areas are the main habitat of humans and we have a responsibility to ensure that these areas meet the economic, social, recreational and environmental requirements of everyone. Ecology is set to become increasing important for the inhabitants of urban areas as the quality of life that is asociated with nature is recognised. That quality of life ultimately underlies the health of the people within the city and the life of the city itself.

Nature policies in many communities is currently inadequate

In many communities the attention to nature is not obvious to see. Other interests, including socio-economic or organisational communication may be the reasons for a lack of interest in nature. The consequences of such situations can lead to the loss of protected species, reduction inthe quality of green areas and waterways, loss of recreational opportunities, a reduction in biodiversity and unhappy citizens.

What we can do for you

At Bureau Waardenburg, we are aware of how to combine ecology into functioning urban areas. The diversity of urban areas ensures that we are continually increasing our experience on how to ensure the co-existence of nature and people. This can range from a sustainable building to specific measures aimed at helping animals, plants, watersystems and habitats. We also develop protocols, management plans and development plans that ensure the consideration of protected species. We devise comprehensive solutions that take consideration of all aspects and ensure that the ecology enhances the experience, recreational opportunities, econimic prospects and health of the city and it's residents.