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Innovative survey methods for the seabed

We have carried out tests of an underwater camera system developed for surveying areas of the seabed, such as mussel beds and cockle banks. In 2011, the camera was tested in the Dutch North Sea, north of the Wadden Island of Ameland.

These tests gave a positive insight into the capabilities of the camera system. The seabed could be suitably sampled and benthic life surveyed in a relatively short space of time. The sampling was carried out at ten locations, giving a broad view of a relatively large area.

Benthic life in view

Some of the locations filmed were sandy and bare as they had recently been used for coastal sand replenishment. Still in these areas young razorshells were present.

Other locations filmed included areas with high densities of shellfish and where regular monitoring occurs through bottom sampling. The camera revealed high densities of adult razorshells and sand mason worms.

Watch the underwater films

The results of the study (in Dutch) are available along with an accompanying DVD. Film clips of the underwater images of the seabed near Ameland can also be viewed at our YouTube channel

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