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Text and graphic design

Preview of a series of posters produced for Waterschap Aa & Maas celebrating 10 years of monitoring.

Writing for the public

Accessible and informative literature is essential for creating and maintaining support for wildlife and the environment. In addition, public-orientated communication can provide important information over the function of local areas. This is not only relevant in conveying an area's importance for wildlife but also to inform about temporary measures taken while work is carried out. The successful conveyance of information relies on the accessibility of the text as well as relevant images.

Bureau Waardenburg has experience in creating informative yet accessible publications for a wide range of audiences. This includes publications on the nature in the city of Amersfoort and a field guide to invasive water plants. We have also created texts and images for use in displays, leaflets and websites. We can also undertake the graphic design needed to produce results to give a lasting impression.

Images and graphics

Bureau Waardenburg has a design department and an extensive image archive including photographs of a range of species, wildlife, landscapes and a range of environmentally related activities and topics.

We photograph and film both above and below water, using both user and remotely operated cameras. In addition, we can create illustrations and graphics that give your products an attractive design, ensuring they engage with the target audience. We can create designs for your leaflets, posters, websites, maps, banners, signs, presentations; contact us to get an impression of the possibilities. 

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