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Sustainable waterbird hunting in Ukraine

Together with out Ukrainian partner Laguna (NGO), we are working on the project "Towards sustainable waterbird hunting in the Azov-Black Sea wetlands, Ukraine".

This project is carried out under the framework of the BBI-MATRA, a grant program of the Ministries of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries and Foreign Affairs. The project aims to highlight the importance of sustainable hunting to the likes of governments, hunting associations and NGOs. In additional, the project should ultimately provide an impetous for better hunting legislation and conservation of wetlands along the Black Sea.


To raise awareness, meetings have been organised, which aim to provide information to hunters, researchers, governments, schools and NGOs. The project has also received attention from the Ukrainian national television and radio.


Together with colleagues from Laguna, we have started to prepare management plans for inportant areas for birds, including the Dnieper Delta and Sivash. This has included waterbird counts along the coast of the Black Sea. In total, almost 1 million waterbirds of 88 species were counted. This included a number of threatened and vulnerable species.


In February 2010, officials from the Ukrainian Government and members of hunting associations visited the Netherlands. This visit provided an opportunity to discover how hunting policies are organised in the Netherlands and also lead to discussions among hunters, conservationists and governments.

The next phase will involve further meetings aimed at improving hunting legislation and the involvement of hunters in monitoring programs and in maintaining registers of bag totals. Read more on the project website.

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