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BESE-elements overleven Orkaan Irma

BESE elements endure Hurricane Irma

Damage caused by Hurricane Irma, photo AP
BESE-elements with oysters in Florida

Coastal ecosystems can be restored with BESE elements, as we are demonstrating in Florida. Well-developed coastal ecosystems are a natural defence against the sea. Experiments are now being conducted at 10 locations across Florida.

We can proudly say that BESE elements survived Hurricane Irma!


Protection for pioneer ecosystems

BESE elements are biodegradable and form a temporary auxiliary structure for new ecosystems. BESE elements protect early-forming oysterbeds and salt marsh vegetations against the elements. Fragile ecosystems with pioneer plants and animals will not wash away with the first storm.

De ultimate test: Hurricane Irma   

Images of devastated coastlines without natural coastal defence were seen throughout the media. Despite the extreme conditions brought by Hurricane Irma, all experiments in Florida had survived the hurricane.

This research is carried out in collaboration with Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, NIOZ and University of Florida. In November 2017, we were in Florida for further monitoring.