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Subsidy scheme surveys for wildlife and landscape

The method used for subsidy scheme surveys is well adapted from the methods that we have successfully used for many years in vegetation and fauna mapping, breeding bird surveys and the monitoring of insects. We therefore have a clear vision of the applications of subsidy scheme surveys: monitoring can provide more valuable information without much extra effort.

Our vision for integrated surveys

Our experience shows that in many areas, species occur that are indicative of certain aspects of an area, but for which no specific monitoring is required. Many areas also have specific questions. It is often more efficient to include these under one subsidy scheme survey programme than to address them separately, such as in determining the quality of habitats. A combination of research into the effectiveness of specific management measures or the presence of a certain exotic species is possible.

Possibilities of subsidy scheme surveys

Monitoring with the subsidy scheme surveys method is a requirement for awards under subsidy schemes. Monitoring can provide valuable information as to the suitability of various management actions. We take an active role in the planning of monitoring to ensure the most efficient regime for both the grant provider and land manager.

The value of vegetation surveys

Vegetation surveys provide more insight into the changes in the field than species mapping. This is certainly true for impoverished grasslands, in which often only a  few or no special species are present. A vegetation survey takes into account the entire range of species, even more common species. Vegetation surveys do not necessarily have to be carried out intensively. Surveying plots can provide a useful addition to subsidy scheme mapping. Vegetation surveys are also useful for the planning of management strategies and in making assessments for the future.

Experience with mapping

We have a range of experience in the mapping of vegetation, including for the Dutch organisation Staatsbosbeheer. Our mapping experience covers all areas of the Netherlands and a wide range of habitats. We also regularly carry out breeding bird surveys and the monitoring of damselflies, dragonflies, crickets, grasshoppers and butterflies.


Our staff are experienced ecologists who can advise on the management of the areas studies. This provides an maximum insight into the monitoring data. From our extensive experience with surveys and management plans, we are able to advise as to the best design of the monitoring programme.

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