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Assessments of water quality and solutions

Bureau Waardenburg has a long history of ecological monitoring and assessments of urban waters. Besides monitoring and assessments we offer practical advice for improving water quality. This includes management techniques, habitat improvements and the use of biological filters.

Problems for urban waters

Many urban waterways suffer from poor water quality and the risk of blue-green algae during the warm summer months. Low biodiversity can result from low levels of oxygen and a lack of plant growth. Algal blooms often result from the high nutrient levels. Poor water quality is not only a problem for nature but can cause risks to human health.

Research, monitoring and assessments 

Besides monitoring we carry out Quick Scans for blue-green algae. Vegetation surveys, assessments of the morphology and hydrology allow the characteristics of waters to be assessed. We can also assess the presence and concentrations of algae through water sample analyses.

Management measures and biological filters

Besides monitoring we can advise on measure to improve water quality. Wildlife-friendly banks can go a long way to improving the ecology and water quality. Changes to management regimes can improve vegetation and lower the risk of algal blooms. Biological filters can be used to improve water quality through the consumption of algae and suspended matter. Bureau Waardenburg has extensive experience in the use of biological filters and have even developed an innovative biodegradable structure on which mussels can be grown.