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Species protection plan

Protection Plans 

Across Europe, large numbers of plants and animals have shown declines and many are nationally or locally threatened. For many of these species, standard policies and management regimes are inadequate and, therefore, special measures are often necessary. Many national governments have developed policies specifically aimed at protecting endangered species. Under such policies regional species protection plans are developed. 

These plans provide specific actions and aims for the protection of vulnerable species. Although the aim of a species protection plan is to protect one (or sometimes more) specific species, many other plants and animals in the same habitat or areas also benefit. 

Content of the plan

Species protection plans include a description of the species, aspects of the protection policy, the problems faced, solutions and an action plan. Protection is generally achieved by safeguarding and improving the quality of habitat and enabling the spread of the species from core populations.

What can we do for you?

At Bureau Waardenburg, we have knowledge on a range of different groups of animals and plants and can provide practical, feasible and affordable recommendations. We have developed species protection plans for regional and national governments in the Netherlands as well as conservation organisations. 

In particular, local governments may be interested in protection plans for legally protected species. Such species often play a role in planning procedures. Species protection plans provide a framework for mitigation and compensation measures for developments in which the conservation status of the area may be affected.