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Ditch management in a reserve area

Bureau Waardenburg has carried out an evaluation of the ecological management of ditches. These water filled ditches are a key feature of the South-Holland agricultural landscape. This evaluation was carried out on behalf of the foundation for the South-Holland's landscape (Stichting Het Zuid-Hollands Landschap, ZHL).

The land that this foundation manages contains a large number of ditches, which it aims to manage to the benefit to both the ecological and cultural aspects of the area. The costs of this management are not covered by local subsidies, therefore, the foundation required information in order to better understand the relationship between ecology and different management regimes, along with associated costs.  The aim was to apply the management regime that provided most ecological benefit whilst optimising costs.

In addition to informing decisions on the management of ditches this information may also provide the basis for compensation for the ecologically orientated management of ditches.