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Zeehonden in de Voordelta
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Research into seals in the Dutch Delta

In 2010/2011 we undertook a project for the Dutch Government to investigate the resting areas of seals in Natura 2000 sites in the Dutch Delta.  

De Verklikkerplaat is one such sand bank, which is used by resting seals. This area is also protected as a resting area for seals under European legislation. In 2010, fewer seals were present  that in previous years, possibly as a result of morphological changes in the sand bank. It was also observed that more seals were resting on a nearby sand bank (de Middelplaat) that is not designated as a protected area.

Ecologists at Bureau Waardenburg investigated whether this trend was evident from long-term datasets. An analysis of seal numbers and distributions was compared with changes in sand bank morphology. Subsequently, an amendment to the protected area to insure the conservation objectives was drafted.

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