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RiverCare - wetenschappelijk onderzoek naar rivierbeheer
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RiverCare links scientific research to down-to-earth river management

RiverCare is a Dutch research program in which partners of the Netherlands Centre for River studies (NCR) work with several public and private parties to manage multi-functional rivers in a more sustainable way.

Nowadays river management becomes increasingly complex due to population growth, climate change and multiple functions of the river. In addition, there is a growing awareness that river management should be based on natural processes, as rivers are natural systems. RiverCare contributes to the management of multi-functional rivers by:

  • Increasing our understanding of how river interventions affect the geomorphology of rivers, which helps to improve the future design and modelling of river interventions.
  • Monitoring and mapping the effects of some of the Room for the River interventions in the hydraulics, morphology and ecology of rivers.
  • Applying the gained knowledge to collaboratively improve the management of these interventions and explore options to reduce maintenance costs.
RiverCare E1 - Floodplain vegetation patterns
RiverCare E2 - Floodplain ecosystem services
RiverCare E3 - Floodplain monitoring