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The development of research with cameras

Cameras above water

Since 2002, Bureau Waardenburg has been involved with the monitoring of wildlife tunnels and passages. We have developed camera systems that provide information on their use. This has enabled us to develop our camera systems, both in terms of image quality and ease of use. We continue to use our experience to constantly improve our camera systems.

We have cameras that can provide live images direct to our office. These cameras can also be controlled from out of our office, meaning that it is always possible to maintain a clear image. 

Read more over our work with the monitoring of wildlife tunnels.

Underwater camera work 

Since 2008 we have made use of a Novasub video system. This underwater camera provides images of the underwater environment directly to a laptop with the aid of a cable and additional lighting. These images can be saved as either video or still images. Thanks to the length of the cable (75m) we can work at a range of water depths. Within a matter of seconds we can view what lies under the water, meaning that we can visit a large number of sites in a short amount of time. The image is improved with the aid of a stabilizing frame and lights.

Recent uses include:

  • assessment of the seabed in bird rich areas in the Dutch Delta and North Sea;
  • investigation of the deoxygenation problem of lake Grevelingen in the Netherlands;
  • collecting underwater images of the Zeeuwse bank.

Contact person for camera work on land:

Contact person for underwater camera work:


Watch the annual spectacle that occurs each April in the streams of the Dutch Veluwe.

Monitoring wildlife underpasses with the help from ink pads and infrared cameras.