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Remote camera

Remote camera

Colour-ringed Sandwich tern.
Metal rings can be read using the camera.

Remote webcam

Some situations require specific solutions; such as monitoring breeding birds in remote locations. This is exactly why we developed a remote webcam system. The high-resolution camera can be steered remotely and can be programmed to follow a set route. This is ideal for monitoring breeding birds as multiple nests can be followed while a more detailed look can be taken when needed. The camera provides a 360° view of the area and all footage is saved and can be viewed live and at a later date. The ability to run on solar power and to use the 4G network means that the remote camera can be used in secluded locations such as on islands and even breeding rafts.

Up close and personal

Alongside full control over the camera, settings and the recorded footage, the camera also has powerful zoom capabilities that gives unprecedented views of wildlife without disturbance. As well being able to view entire breeding colonies, the camera also allows individual birds to be studied and even rings to be read. This provides a unique opportunity to study breeding birds in a detail that would not otherwise be possible.

Day and night

The camera automatically switches to an infrared camera when light levels drop. This ensures clear views throughout the night when normal observations would not be possible. This provides the ideal opportunity for monitoring behaviour that would normally go unnoticed, such as nest predation in breeding colonies.