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Presentations Bureau Waardenburg

Staff at Bureau Waardenburg often give presentations about our work or on specific areas of specialisation. Presentations are given to a variety of audiences, including local interest groups and specialist working groups, as well as the scientific community at both the national and international level.

As well as communicating the results of research at conferences and congresses, our staff also offer a range of general talks that cover a range of topics. To provide an idea of the range of subjects covered we have listed a few below:

  • Tracking studies on birds
  • Radar for bird research
  • Wind farms and birds
  • Exotic species: fight or embrace?
  • Grass snakes
  • Wildlife passages: factors determining their success
  • Deoxygenation of the Grevelingen
  • Bats and wind energy
  • Bird migration

Presentations on a range of other subjects are also possible, particularly in line with current research. If you would like more information about the presentations given by our researchers then please contact our course coordinator;

Contact person: