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International research into the effects of power lines on birds

Bureau Waardenburg has been commissioned by UNEP/AEWA (Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds), part of the United Nations, to investigate the conflicts between birds and power lines in more than 130 countries throughout Europe and Africa. Measures to alleviate or mitigate negative effects will be identified as part of the project.

This project stems from a collaboration between AEWA and RWE Rhein-Ruhr Netzservice. Bureau Waardenburg is working closely with STRIX Consultancy in Portugal, the Endangered Wildlife Trust in South Africa and Boere Conservation Consultancy in the Netherlands. The final results will be presented to UNEP in October 2011 in the form of a review and recommendations document. Find out more about the project plan and project partners.

See: Review of and guidelines for mitigating/avoiding the conflict between migratory birds and electricity power grids in the African-Eurasian region

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