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Planning and Management

Sustainable Habitat Management

When we develop plans for an area special attention is paid to design, landscape and function. For plans with nature objectives the ecological function is also important. Our designers combine design skills with knowledge of ecological processes and management.

Our designs also offer:

  • a high level of spatial quality;
  • nature as intended;
  • good manageability.

At Bureau Waardenburg we can prepare plans at a range of different levels; from riverbanks to large areas for nature.

Planning to implementation

We provide detailed planning maps and cross-sections, which together provide the measures to be implemented. Through cooperation with our partners BWZ ingenieurs you can rely on us for the entire process from planning to overseeing and implementation. Whether it's designs, developments plans, standard systematic cost estimates (SSK-ramingen), specifications or management supervision, we offer a customised solution at every stage.

Urban Ecology

Within a few years half of the world's population will live in urban areas. Urban areas are the main habitat of humans and we have a responsibility to...