Bureau Waardenburg
Varkensmarkt 9
4101 CK Culemborg
the Netherlands
T: +31 (0) 345 512710
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Within Bureau Waardenburg we work within three sectors:

  • Aquatic and Marine Ecology
  • Nature and Landscape
  • Bird Ecology


Within each sector work a number of teams. These teams consist of a Team Manager, Project Managers and Project Assistants. Some projects are carried out within a team, however, in order to provide the best expertise we often work across teams and sectors. This cooperation throughout our organisation ensures a strong cohesion and exchange of knowledge throughout.


For each project a team is assembled comprising of a Project Manager and Project Assistants. The Project Manager acts as the point of contact for the client. Short lines of communication and regular feedback are essential aspects of our approach.

Dedicated and motivated staff

The dedication of our staff to their work is a characteristic of our organisation. The low turnover of staff ensures a high degree of continuity. Our staff are motivated, focused and creative; qualities that are evident throughout their work.