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Nieuwe hagen in een oud landschap
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New hedgerows in an ancient landscape

Close to the German border, between the Dutch of villages of Netterden and Azewijn, a wind farm is planned. The parishes of the villages asked Bureau Waardenburg to investigate how the wind farm might influence the beauty of the landscape of the area and how this may be compensated. It soon became apparent that there were also other reasons to improve the area. Over the past 100 years the area had changed dramatically. The hedgerows, trees and footpaths, that were characteristic of the area, had disappeared and the distinction between the hedge-rich and open landscapes had faded. In this area where agricultural intensification and the growth in business had taken their toll, compensation for the wind farm alone was of limited use.

For these reasons, we concentrated on a plan to restore the area to its former splendor. The plan aimed to restore the original features of the area without compromising the agriculture in the area. The end result was a book that described the possible scenarios with which the landscape and nature of the area could be improved.

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