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Effects on nature and the landscape

Studies into the effects of landscape and nature relate to studies into the relationships between various infrastructures. In ecological terms this often involves the fragmentation of habitats and also remedial measures aimed at defragmentation. 

The ecological infrastructure often provides the starting point in the assessment of areas of conflict between nature and the landscape. One such area is with wildlife and road networks, which we can monitor through road traffic victims. We make use of field research as well as landscape analyses using GIS modeling.

At the smaller scale, we can look at the effects on the ecological infrastructure and the consequences for plants and animals. We can assess the effectiveness of schemes aimed to reduce the amount of fragmentation, such as monitoring the use of wildlife crossings

Impact studies into the effects of changes in the landscape on nature may also be a legal requirement, such as in cases where protected species or habitats are concerned. For more information about studies concerned with nature legislation in the Netherlands, visit our pages on environmental and wildlife legislation.