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Muskusratten bestrijding

Muskrat control

Since their introduction into Europe in the early 20th century, muskrats (Ondatra zibethicus L.) have successfully colonised acrossed large areas of Europe. Originating from North America, this rodent was imported into Europe through the fur trade. Animals then escaped and spread into many countries. Muskrats first arrived in the Netherlands in the 1940s and are now found throughout the country.

In the Netherlands, as in many other countries, the control of muskrats is an ongoing task. Muskrats are considered a pest as they can cause damage to flood defences and crops and in some countries their control is covered under legislation.

We have carried out research into the effectiveness of muskrat trapping and control strategies and methods, this has been carried out on behalf of the Dutch national committe for the control of muskrats (LCCM; www.muskusrattenbestrijding.nl).

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