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Met webcam meekijken naar broedende visdieven
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Monitoring breeding terns with webcam

This year we are monitoring breeding terns on the "tern hotels" in Lake Marker with a webcam.

Pontoons for terns

Remote camera 24/7

Pontoons as breeding islands

Since 2014, Bureau Waardenburg has created artificial breeding habitats for common terns on two pontoons in Lake Marker. In 2014 and 2015 tens of pairs bred successfully on these pontoons. In the first two years breeding success was monitored by watching behaviour from a distance, but in 2016 we are using a remotely accessible webcam for monitoring. 

'Marker Stepping stones'

In 2014, the pontoons were developed as an experiment under the "Marker Stepping stone" project aimed at strengthening the link between the open water of Lake Marker and habitats inside the dyke. In 2015, the pontoons were used to examine the potential of the islands to act as compensation during work to strengthen dykes.