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Marine Mammals Observers (MMO) offshore
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Marine Mammal Observers (MMOs) offshore

A number of our ecologists are certified Marine Mammal Observers (MMO). This means that they are trained to monitor the effects of offshore activities on marine mammals. As well as the MMO certification, our ecologists have the additional certification required to work offshore (e.g. survival, helicopter escape, offshore medical).

Bureau Waardenburg has extensive experience observing marine mammals from platforms. Since 2003, our researchers have carried out fieldwork from a variety of platforms including Meetpost Noordwijk, the Meteo-mast in the OWEZ wind farm and the gas production platform K14. Here, we've developed and extended different techniques to do reliable observations and surveys of marine mammals. These methods have been tested in the field and compared to other methodologies. Read here the article in the scientific journal 'Lutra' about our findings.

In spring 2010, two of our Marine Mammal Observers were involved with the monitoring of marine mammals before and during the realisation of the K5CU satellite platform in the North Sea, around 130km from the Dutch coast. This work was carried out for Total E&P Nederland BV.

In October 2010, two of our Marine Mammal Observers undertook monitoring of marine mammals during piling at the F3-FA-1 platform in the North Sea, 225km from the Dutch coast. This work was carried out on behalf of Centrica Energy Upstream.

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