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Surveys and monitoring of the mammals present in an area serve a number of purposes. As well as providing information into the species present in an area and identifying any protected species, information over how the management of an area is affecting the mammals can be gathered; through the use of wildlife underpasses for example.

Terrestrial mammals

The occurrence of terrestrial mammals can be demonstrated by sightings and trace evidence. Trace evidence include prints in snow or mud, tracks, hairs, droppings, road casualties and remains. Furthermore, we use photo traps and cameras with infrared light. A specific part of the research on mammals is the monitoring of traffic victims. Small mammals (mice) are identified through research are using the IBN method. We use life-traps (traps in which mice survive) of various types. We have Longworth, Sherman and converted Trip Trap.


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Marine mammals

We have a team of marine ecologists, professional divers, marine mammal specialists and seabird specialists who carry out projects in marine waters. We carry out monitoring of marine mammals as well as research examining the effects of human activity on marine mammals such as dolphins and seals. More can be read on our pages on Impact Assessments.

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