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Handbook for managing wildlife and infrastructure

Handbook for the construction, adaptation and maintenance of wildlife passages

Roads, railway lines and canals constitute impassable barriers for many species. We have produced handbook for mitigation measures for wildlife at such sites, which describes designing and creating facilities that eliminates these barriers. This work was carried out for Rijkswaterstaat and ProRail. In the handbook we describe a total of 13 different mitigation measures including the construction of new structures, such as wildlife passages (tunnels and viaducts), as well as modifications to existing structures. We also examine fencing, screens, signalling and other systems to prevent wildlife becoming victims of traffic and drowning. The handbook also includes the latest insights regarding the testing and operation of each method.

Systems Engineering

The mitigation measures described are examples. Every situation is unique and it must therefore be considered how the mitigation measure or combination of measures can be optimally positioned and constructed. Both Rijkswaterstaat and ProRail therefore favour the work being carried out according to Systems Engineering. Here, the requirements of wildlife are prioritised. A description of these requirements is presented in the handbook. The contractor then creates a design in accordance with these requirements. Local situations may lead to optimal designs being different from the examples given. The client can then use the handbook to assess the design based on its functionality for the target species.

New procedures of Rijkswaterstaat and ProRail have led to a number of changes in the handbook since the last version was produced in 2005. The new handbook is closely aligned to the new Design & Construct framework.

The handbook is available to download as PDF (in Dutch). 

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