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Libellen en habitatkwaliteit in vennen en wielen
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Dragonflies, damselflies and habitat quality

In order to investigate the ecological function of stagnant waters we undertook research involving both chemical and biological analysis of these waters. This work was carried out on behalf of Waterschap de Maaskant (formerly Waterschap Aa en Maas).

As part of this research, data on the dragonflies and damselflies present in the area were collected. These data revealed that these waters were home to several endangered species of dragonflies. Moreover, the presence of these and other species was found to be closely linked to the quality of the water.

In consultation with the water authority, further research was carried out to investigate the presence of dragonflies in these waters. A number of these pools were surveys in both 2002 and 2003 and later in 2005. Such data can contribute to the monitoring and assessment of water quality and can be used to evaluate the management measures.