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Fish are important biological indicators of water quality. Data on fish stocks provide valuable information for the managers of waterways and wetlands. In many countries, fish are also covered by legislation and land owners and managers may require knowledge about the fish present in their area in order to carry out appropriate management.

In the Netherlands, nature legislation and laws such as Natura 2000 and the Water Framework Directive require the needs of fish to be considered. The first step will often involve identifying:

  • which species are present,
  • protected species that need to be considered during the management of the area,
  • measures that can be taken to help the protected species in the area and
  • bottlenecks to fish migration and how can these be overcome.

At Bureau Waardenburg, we study both freshwater and saltwater fish. We have our own boats and sampling materials and our team is experienced in a variety of fishing methods, such as boat and hand nets, funnel traps, trawl nets, seining as well as electrofishing. For larger bodies of water we often cooperate with commercial fishers and occasionally with anglers. Our experience in the field is complemented by the high quality of analyses and reporting that we deliver.

Current projects include research into fish protected by law as well as the migration of glass eels and into fish as a food source for birds.