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Environmental Impact Assessment

In many countries, particularly in the EU, it is a legal requirement for large projects to explore the possible effects on the environment. This is carried out in the form of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). An EIA is a procedure by which the potential effects of new developments or activities, such as a chemical instillation, the construction of a new road or airports, can be assessed. EIAs may also be necessary for certain activities, particularly in sensitive areas. EIAs are known under a number of different names, for example in the Netherlands this is a milieueffectrapportage or m.e.r.

At Bureau Waardenburg, we have experience of contributing to EIAs in several countries, not least the Netherlands. We can provide details of the potential impacts on nature of the various planning options. Were necessary, we bring this into context using statistical and GIS analyses.

For more on the EIA in the EU visit EIA EU and the milieueffectrapportage (m.e.r.) procedure in the Netherlands visit rijksoverheid.nl