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Effectiviteit van herstel- en inrichtingsmaatregelen voor KRW en Natura 2000
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Effectiveness of restoration and management for the Water Framework Directive and Natura 2000

In this project we created an overview of results from existing monitoring of remedial measures taken in national waters. This project was carried out on behalf of the Dutch Government (Rijkswaterstaat, Waterdienst). For measures where knowledge was insufficient, monitoring results were compared to the objectives of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and Natura 2000. We also indicated ways for establishing the management and monitoring of remedial measures.

The project revealed a lack of information for a total of seven measures, namely: islands and plants; underwater reefs; sheltered areas; natural banks; natural banks; side channels; and flood plains and marshes. For these measures, we estimated the effect on the quality of the objectives for the WFD and Natura 2000.