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Faunapassages in Noord-Brabant
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Monitoring Wildlife Passages in North-Brabant

A large number of features for wildlife have already been implemented in the Dutch province of North-Brabant. In 2006, Bureau Waardenburg began monitoring a total of 47 wildlife tunnels, along and under roads in the province. This work has been carried out on behalf of Provincie Noord-Brabant. The project involve setting up a network of volunteers to carry out part of the monitoring. Alongside the field research, three workshops were organised for interested people and organisations.


Based on tracks and signs, the wildlife tunnels are frequently used by both amphibians and mammals. The dimensions of the tunnels, along with the location in the landscape, are important in ensuring that the tunnels are used. By considering these factors it is possible to assess the potential of the tunnels and increase their use by wildlife.

In cases of specific species the lack of tracks does not necessarily indicate a problem with the tunnel. The lack of suitable habitat may mean that the species of not very abundant in the area.

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