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Ecologische modellen voor Overvecht, Utrecht
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Ecological modeling for Overvecht, Utrecht

In the Dutch city of Utrecht, we investigated the potential for ecological corridors in the district of Overvecht. The city's environmental plan had incorporated a number of green corridors, which have both ecological and recreational functions. The details over the width of these corridors and how they should be developed had not been addressed. Our aim was to elaborate on the plans for the green corridors and to draft a new plan for the district of Overvecht.

Target species and species for the public

First the species of interest were determined. In this case, this also included 'species for the public'; species that were deemed as important for the inhabitants of the city and their quality of life. This included colourful butterflies, dragonflies and crickets, which are considered to improve the character and atmosphere of an area. It was determined that for these groups certain characteristics were required and consequently four models were selected: the green-blue zone; the tree zone; the bush zone; and the grassy strip.


For each of the areas of the district a model was created. These models were used to calculate the space needed for the corridors and how the corridors can be best arranged. This information could then be used by the local authority to determine the width of the corridors and their design.

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