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Ecological Infrastructure

National Ecological Network

The ecological infrastructure forms important and fundamental function in many habitats. In the Netherlands a National Ecological Network (NEN) has been established to maintain the function of ecosystems. Interventions to this infrastructure are not allowed.

Plans that interfere with the National Ecological Network are forbidden. The only developments within the National Ecological Network allowed are those with no negative effects on the function of the ecological infrastructure. In cases where negative effects cannot be ruled out it might be possible to overcome these with mitigation or compensation measures, which maintain the functioning of the National Ecological Network.

Do you have plans within or near the National Ecological Network?

An exploratory study (quick scan) provides a rapid assessment of the potential effects on protected species and areas. In some cases the quick scan provides sufficient information as to the potential effects on the ecological infrastructure. Additional information is sometimes needed in order to make this assessment, further field visits are then required. 

Bureau Waardenburg is able to carry out quick scan assessments in order to assess the potential effects on the ecological infrastructure. We can advise on mitigation and compensation measures in order to avoid negative effects. We can carry out all stages of the study, from data collection in the field to the delivery of the report to local government. We can also make plans for compensatory measures.

We also supply plans and designs for the development and management of components of the National Ecological Network areas as ecological corridors.