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Effecten ECN windturbine testpark Wieringermeer
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Effects of ECN wind turbine test farm Wieringermeer

Collision risks and disturbance of foraging birds

In 2003, the Energy research Centre of the Nederlands (ECN) built a wind turbine test farm in the Wieringermeer in North  Holland. Prior to the construction of the wind farm it seemed that the wind farm might have negative effects for the Bewick's swans and Tundra bean geese that winter in the area. The risks identified were collision related mortality and disturbance of foraging birds.

ECN commissioned Bureau Waardenburg together with Alterra to investigate these possible risks. Prior to- and following the construction of the turbines the flight patterns and foraging activity of the species concerned were investigated. Following the construction of the turbines, searches for collision victims was carried out along with observations of foraging birds.

This research was undertaken in collaboration with the local bird group at Wierhaven. A member of this group, Wim Tijsen, has followed the development of the swan and geese populations in the Wieringermeer since 1990. Members of the bird group also assisted with observations of flight patterns with radar.

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