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Inzet van drones bij vegetatie opnamen
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Drones for research

The use of drones for vegetation research is proving a promising innovation

Worldwide, the use of drones (unmanned aircraft) is increasing. This development has not gone unnoticed by Bureau Waardenburg. In 2013, we started tests with drone helicopters equipped with cameras for the use in ecological research.


Aerial images for vegetation mapping

Vegetation mapping for large areas often involves the use of satellite images. Drones  can more detailed images for smaller areas. Experience with the analysis of satellite images helps with the analysis of aerial images from drone helicopters. 

Using a drone for the inventory of water vegetation

A pilot study into the use of aerial images for vegetation monitoring along waterways has been carried out for the Delfland Water Board. Exisiting aerial images are used together with new images made with the help of a drone.

As part of the ecological aims for the Water Framework Directive (WFD) water plants are required. To much vegetation can disturb the flow of water and accurate imformation as to the amount of vegetation present in essential for management. Standard monitoring under the WFD provides insufficient information as only certain sites are sampled.

During the pilot study the amount of surface vegetation could be estimated. Underwater vegetation is potentially more difficult to record but initial tests seem positive. It is planned that the project shall be continued. 


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