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Vogels en verstoring


At Bureau Waardenburg, we investigate the effects of disturbance on birds (and other wildlife) in order to provide advice for mitigation, planning and landscaping.

We have applied our knowledge in a wide range of situations, such as:

  • Research into disturbance as a result of human activity, such as shipping, aviation and recreation.
  • Testing the consequences of disturbance on birds within the context of wildlife legislation, such as during events and the construction of infrastructure (ports, waterways, etc..).
  • Knowledge through reviews.

Examples of projects on disturbance includes:

  • Reactions of birds to kite surfing in the Grevelingen.
  • Behaviour of geese and wigeon in the flight path of Eelde airport.
  • Habitat use of common scoters and red-throated divers in response to disturbance in the Dutch Delta as part of the Project Mainport Rotterdam / Maasvlakte 2 and management plan for the Voordelta.
  • Effects of train noise on grassland-nesting birds
  • Habitat use of geese and swans around a trial wind farm in the Wieringermeer. 
  • Flight behaviour of birds around the offshore wind farm at Egmond aan Zee (OWEZ).

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