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DBFM Natuur en landschap
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Natuur en landschap in DBFM

Professional interpretation of requirements and specifications of wildlife and landscape

Many large projects are now contracted with a DBFM contract. This stands for Design, Build, Finance and Maintain. This type of contract intends to make use of the knowledge and creativity of the contractor.

Usually, requirements and specifications regarding wildlife and landscape are outlined. Often target species or ecological connectivity are referred to. But what exactly does this mean for your project and how can you stand out from other candidates?

You can depend on us to provide sound advice when it comes to the issues of wildlife and landscape. At every stage of your DBFM contract we can assist you. We are also experienced with communicating the importance and consequences of these actions to stakeholders, governments and residents.

Our potential contribution of each phase:



  • Contributing to strategy en vision
  • Imagining ideas and approach
  • Identifying additional opportunities for wildlife and landscape
  • Add social value


  • Analysis of landscape and wildlife (exisiting sources, fieldwork, policies and developments)
  • Translation of requirements and target species into concrete measures
  • Ecological design (lines of trees, eco-ducts, wildlife-friendly banks)
  • Integration plan
  • Integration of wildlife and landscape with the technical design
  • Application of the handbook for managing wildlife by infrastructure
  • Activity plans, Appropriate Assessments
  • Requests for exemptions of wildlife laws and legislations
  • Consultation with stakeholders on wildlife and landscape, public support


  • Ecological work protocol
  • Ecological guidance
  • Technical details of measures
  • Adhoc advice for solving issues and questions in relation to ecology and wildlife
  • Dealing with temporary wildlife

Finance (in collaboration with our partners BWZ Ingenieurs)

  • Overall cost estimates of environmental measures
  • Find savings options with wildlife and landscaping (measures and management)
  • Costs estimates based on standardised systems


  • Management and maintenance
  • Monitoring plan
  • Long-term monitoring and reporting
  • Adaptation of management and maintenance following developments in wildlife

To discuss the possibilities and options for support alongside your DBFM contract please feel free to contact: