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Data inwinnen

Information Systems and Statistics

Data collection

Field data

Technology is being used more and more in the collection of data. During fieldwork, data is frequently recorded electronically, doing away with the need for paper forms and the associated data entry and checks. Electronic data input allows the validation of data in the field, so that the possibility of errors are reduced. Much of the software used is specifically developed for the purpose, much of it by ourselves. Data such as location and time can be collected automatically, increasing efficiency in the field further still. Data can be synchronized directly from the field to online databases, again maintaining consistency and the risk of data loss.

Remote Sensing

Remote sensing data includes satellite images, radar images and aerial photographs. Due to the increasing quality of remote sensing data and developments in analytical techniques, more and more opportunities for applications in ecological research are emerging.

For large or hard-to-access areas, remote sensing offers possibilities for efficiently mapping situations and developments. For example, the spatial distribution of certain types of vegetation can be mapped using satellite images and changes can be analyzed.

Remote sensing can be used, for example, in vegetation surveys, habitat development studies, research into potential habitat and analysis of historical land use.