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Research on Coastal and Seabirds

Seabirds in the Dutch North Sea

The Dutch North Sea is of great importance large numbers of migrating and wintering seabirds, including divers, seaducks, auks, fulmars and kittiwakes. In addition, the Netherlands holds internationally important colonies of breeding coastal birds, including Sandwich terns and lesser black-backed gulls.

Seabird Research in Bureau Waardenburg

Bureau Waardenburg is involved in a numbers of projects investigating the ecology and distributions of seabirds in the North Sea and other coastal waters. Observations are made from ships, aircraft, platforms, from off the coast and with the aid of radar. We are particularly involved with research into the possible effects of the possible airport in the North Sea, offshore wind farms and the expansion of the port at the Maasvlakte.

Applying Seabird Research in Environmental Impact Assessments

By combining observations of seabirds and their behaviour (as collected by the internationally recognised ESAS standard counting methods) and physical and ecological parameters, such as the presence of food, water turbidity and salinity, the factors determining the distribution of the these species. Part of this research is being carried out in collaboration with IMARES, including the research into the occurrence of pelagic fish by echo-surveys. The knowledge gained through this type of research is used in Environmental Impact Assessments, for example in the planning for Offshore wind farms and sand extraction.

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