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CO2 performance ladder

Internal training in energy-efficient driving for our most frequent drivers.

Bureau Waardenburg has obtained the status of level-3 of the CO2 performance ladder certification, in relation to a more sustainably based functioning. The CO2 performance ladder is a tool to encourage companies to be more conscientious of their CO2 emissions with the aim reducting resource use and operating more efficiently. Particular focus is given to energy conservation, efficient use of materials and the use of renewable energy.

The ladder encourages companies to understand their own emissions as well as those from suppliers and to continuously look for new ways to reduce emissions from its own operations and projects. Furthermore, knowledge of measuring and reducing emissions are shared with other organisations and governments with the aim of actively seeking opportunities to further reduce emissions.



Bureau Waardenburg has the CO2 awareness certificate (level 3), and achieved to reduce CO2 emissions compared to those in 2013.

Energy management action plan 

Bureau Waardenburg BV has established an energy management action plan to ensure that the target is met. This plan is committed to achieving a continuous improvement in energy efficiency.

The action plan details the measures being taken to achieve the objectives, how the organisation is structured, energy performance indicators that are measured and monitored. Furthermore, the methods of internal and external audits and the management review are described. 


Bureau Waardenburg B.V. want to promote transparency in communicating its reduction targets and progress with internal and external partners. This includes entering into a dialogue with employees, customers, suppliers, government and other partners.

Through internal communication activities, Bureau Waardenburg BV continues to increases the involvement of employees in the organisation as well as increasing support for the implementation of policies. The experiences and ideas of the staff play an important role!

Through external communication will Bureau Waardenburg BV, insight into the energy use of its activities can be obtained and this can also lead to new ideas or proposals for collaborations towards reducing energy use and CO2 emissions.


Bureau Waardenburg B.V. would like to cooperate with clients, suppliers and other partners, to come up with ideas and initiatives for reducing CO2 emissions.

Interested parties are invited to contact us.

Bureau Waardenburg B.V. is affiliated with the cooperation of "Sustainable suppliers". This is a platform for organizations investing in sustainability. The initiative assists providers in setting up a sustainable business. We regularly take part in consultation meetings. One example of our initiatives is that Bureau Waardenburg recently provided training for staff in energy efficient driving techniques. 

For further information of our energy efficiency plan and CO2 performance ladder achievements you can contact our QSHE manager: