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Participation in SCANS III cetacean surveys

In July 2016, Bureau Waardenburg is a partner of the European project led by Imares Wageningen UR, to survey the North Sea and surrounding waters for cetaceans. The project is called SCANS III.

The first SCANS survey, which took place in 1994, was followed in 2005 by SCANS II. Results from this third SCANS survey will be used to inform conservation objectives for cetaceans. Marine mammals can be greatly influenced by human activities at sea including as noise and chemical pollution.

The surveys extend from Portugal to Norway and to the west of Scotland. A total of three ships and seven aircraft will be used by the team of experienced marine mammal observers throughout the month of July. 

The aerial surveys are being coordinated by Imares Wageningen UR and will involve teams of three observers. Two observers use special bubble windows in the aircraft that give an unobstructed view of the sea below. A third observer records all the information noted by the observers.

A marine mammal observer from Bureau Waardenburg will form part of the team covering the English Channel and the North Sea, from Normandy up to the east coast of England and across to the German Bight. This area includes key hotspots for marine life such as the Dogger Bank.