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Camera's bewijzen: de bevers hebben jongen
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Cameras reveal beavers have young!

Beavers are doing well in the Netherlands, with current estimates of around 900 - 1,000 individuals. Beavers are not always shy and it is possible to come across beavers while working along waterways. Because beavers are protected it is necessary that beavers are taken into account when carrying out activities in such habitats.

Beaver lodges and the law

Work was planned along a national waterway and will come close to (within 100m) a beaver lodge. This work would take more than a year, during which time it could cause a possible disturbance to the beaver lodge. Questions remained as to whether the lodge was actually in use and in what context: as a breeding location of simply a resting place? This makes a difference as to the possibilities of working close to the lodge and license requirements. Disturbance to a lodge with young is never permitted.

Research with microphones and cameras

Tracks around the lodge gave clear indication that the lodge was in use. In order to establish how the lodge was being used by the beavers, it was necessary to observe activity around the lodge. Observations could be carried out but this has the risk of causing disturbance and can cost lots of time. Therefore, we used cameras and microphones in order to record beaver activity remotely.

In spring, microphones were placed in the vicinity of the lodge. If young beavers are present these can be detected through their kitten-like squeaks. After several week, the young beavers make trips outside the lodge with their mother. In this period cameras were used to establish the presence of young beavers.

Beaver activity recorded

Both the sound recordings and images showed that the lodge was being actively used as a breeding location. Thanks to the use of these recording techniques, the presence and activity of the beavers was determined with little effort and we could advise on the measures needed.

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