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Zwarte sterns in het Groene Hart
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Black terns in the green heart

Foto: C. de Leeuw

Bureau Waardenburg have been involved with the workgroup for "Black terns in the green heart"  (1999 - 2014). This workgroup also includes members from the regional landscape managers for South-Holland, Utrecht and North-Holland, as well as the Dutch BirdLife partner (Vogelbescherming) and aims to improve the protection for the black tern in the Dutch area of the green heart.

The workgroup was initially established to coordinate the use and monitoring of tern rafts. This led to work on improving the habitat for terns and reducing disturbance during the breeding season. Firstly a base study was set up, which aimed at  identifying important areas and ecological features for black terns. The report also details the needed protection measures for key areas.

A brochure was produced for distribution amongst interested parties. In 2002, an evaluation was carried out, which revealed good breeding success at farms involved with the black tern project.

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