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Knowledge over the numbers and distribution of birds at a site can serve as a basis for it's management. Additional information, from annual monitoring for example, enables the assessment of management and the long-term valuation of the site.   

Information over the distribution and species of birds in an area can often be useful during the planning of developments. This may be a requirement if the area or species that are present are protected, for example under wildlife legislation. In general, all species of birds and their nests are protected during the breeding period. It may be desirable, therefore, to find the locations of breeding birds before management begins.

Within Europe, conservation targets are produced for birds within Natura 2000 sites. For these areas numbers of birds need to be monitored and in cases of declines, these investigated.

In cases where development may affect the birds in an area it is possible to assess this by monitoring breeding success through the growth of young. Modeling can also provide an insight into the possible consequences at the population level.

What does this mean for you?

At Bureau Waardenburg we have expertise in the counting and monitoring of birds both during the breeding season and during other times of the year. Counts follow standardised methodology. We have experience with surveys in a number of countries and in a variety of habitats. We also have a long tradition of aerial and ship-based surveys and follow internationally recognised procedures (such as the strip band method for distance sampling and ESAS).

Besides surveys and monitoring of birds, we are also involved with innovative research on birds.