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Vogels en windturbines
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Birds and wind turbines

During the planning of new wind turbines the possible effects on birds are taken into account. To properly assess the potential effects on birds, knowledge on the movements of birds and flight behaviour of birds as well as the impact of wind turbines on birds is necessary. Since 1993, Bureau Waardenburg has carried out research into this subject and has studied the spatial and temporal movements of birds at various locations both in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition, this experience has been enhanced through involvement in both national and international networks.

Research methods for birds and wind turbines

For birds, the risk of collision with wind turbines is though to be highest during periods of poor visibility, particularly dawn, dusk and at night. It is, therefore, important that information about the flight movements of both local and migratory birds can be collected during the hours of darkness. At Bureau Waardenburg, we use our own radar systems to record flight movements at night and over a wide area. The data from these radar studies are analysed using statistical and GIS software.

Location assessments small scale wind farms

We have carried out risk analyses for birds at numerous locations throughout the Netherlands. Where necessary, additional fieldwork was carried out in order to undertake a complete assessment. These studies often fell under nature legislation, such as the Bird Directive. Combining our years of experience and own research expertise ensures the high quality of our advice.  

Location assessments large scale wind farms

We can carry out specialised ecological research or contribute to Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs). We have experience of preparing environmental impact statements for a number of wind farms, both independently and in collaboration with other institutes and consultancies. This includes an assessment of the potential effects of the wind farm on local and migrant birds. If necessary, we can contribute in the planning of ecological compensation or mitigation measures.

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