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Vliegbewegingen in beeld met radar

Research into the effects of Offshore Wind Farm Egmond aan Zee (OWEZ)

Recording flight patterns with radar

Flight activity of birds can be monitored 24 hours a day with the aid of an automatic bird radar system, which can be combined with visual observations.

The radar system used at Offshore Wind Farm Egmond aan Zee consisted of two radars and dedicated software designed to record bird activity. This system, known as Merlin, has been developed by DeTect Inc. (Panama City, Florida, USA).

The first radar rotated horizontally and recorded the spatial patterns, flight routes, migration routes and also avoidance of the the wind farm and turbines.

The second radar rotated vertically and recorded information over flight heights and intensities of birds.

This system operated 24 hours a day, also in the dark and with poor weather. The system could be accessed remotely and was controlled from out our offices in Culemborg.

Radar image above:

Heavy bird migration recorded during one hour of the night of 18 October shown by the horzontal radar. Individual radar echoes are shown as coloured dots: orange indicating birds flying southwest. The white stripes are 36 wind turbines of OWEZ. The back wedge is a shadow.

Radar image below:

Heavy bird migration as shown by the vertical radar. The two multi-coloured circles close to sea level are wind turbines. Flight activity is recorded until a height of 1.4 km.

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