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Biologisch afbreekbaar structuur van zetmeel voor habitatverbetering
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Biodegradable structure for habitat improvement

Biodegradable structure

During the past year, Bureau Waardenburg together with Rodenburg Biopolymers and ENEXIO Water Technologies have developed a biodegradable structure specifically for use in the improvement of habitats. The potential uses for this starch-based three dimensional structure are almost endless. We are just starting to uncover the possibilities of the diverse range of applications.

Restoration projects

In a quest for artificial structures for use in the recovery of musselbeds, we have developed a biodegradable structure that can be used in habitat restoration and improvements. In contrast to many other bio-plastics, it undergoes complete breakdown without the need for composting agents.

Applications of the starch structure

Already there appears to be a wide range of potential applications for this product. Its original application was as a structure for the recovery of musselbeds and oyster beds. In addition, several other applications in the area of water purification, sewerage treatment, aquaculture, soil aeration, reclamation and the protection of coasts and sandbanks have become apparent. 

BESE website

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