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BESE-elements ingezet bij kweek oesters

BESE-elements as nurseries for oysters

In addition to in situ oyster restoration, we are also using BESE-elements to capture oyster larvae for translocation to a nearby site. 

In november 2017, BESE-elements were attached to a pier in Vero Beach, Florida. This was done in collaboration with the Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) and various home-owners. The BESE-elements are in a bay where oysters currently grow on hard sediment.

Oysters, specifically the Eastern Oyster, are known for the filtering proporties. Home-owners around the bay want to increase the oyster population to improve the water quality in the bay. FWC also wishes to increase the oyster population in the nearby Indian River Lagoon nature reserve.

After about 1 year, when the oyster larvae have settled, the BESE-elements will be translocated from the pier in the bay to the nature reserve. BESE-elements decompose over time, leaving only natural reef behind.

De bay, along with the BESE-elements form a nursery for oysters.